"Why are people happy or unhappy? What does it mean to pay attention to something? Sacchet studies the brains of people who have major depressi[ve] disorder; of those who have attentional issues; and of people who are training their brains with activities like meditation to try and answer these questions."

Forbes 30 Under 30, January 2017

"This research certainly has possible implications for people struggling with conditions such as depression, ADHD or anxiety, acknowledged Sacchet. But he thinks the significance of their findings is even broader. 'We often think about the medical context of research, that is, how a given result might influence people with certain disorders. But I think it's more general than that,' said Sacchet. 'Just about everyone could benefit from paying better attention - paying more attention to things that facilitate their well-being, and less attention to things that don't.'"

Vice's Motherboard, February 2015

"Sacchet points out that the research is about more than just 'distraction' - it's about attention control. He said identifying ways to harness this power benefits more than just individuals with psychiatric disorders and chronic pain, it would probably help everyone. 'Improved attention can help people be more effective in general, whether it's in fast-paced traffic, engaging with friends or understanding one's own mind,' Sacchet told Mic. 'Attention is a fundamental aspect of engaging with the world, and therefore the implications of better attention are really quite broad.'"

Mic (formerly PolicyMic), February 2015

"'There's a concern that scientists might be 'trying to prove meditation,' but [I'm] trying to understand the brain,' said Matthew Sacchet. 'The research has important possibilities for medicine, and also it could get rid of some of the fuzz and help make meditation more empirically grounded,' he said. 'If there is some kind of underlying structure to be understood scientifically, it could make things more clear for everyone.'"

San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate, July 2012